Posted on April 30, 2024
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A client came into my Brentwood, TN office today and announced "I want to receive A, B and C in the divorce settlement and don't care what my husband wants."  While her attitude is not uncommon, it is unhelpful... This kind of thinking typically results in a battle with both spouses loosing and and the attorneys making a lot of fees. 

During negotiations, I suggest each spouse makes a list of what they need/want in the settlement and then make a list of what they think their spouse needs/wants.  A good settlement will result in both spouses receiving most of what they need and some of what they want.  A good settlement will typically require both spouses to compromise.  We always strive for a win-win settlement where both spouses needs are met and they understand when and why compromise is necessary.

Too often spouses spend a lot of time and energy arguing over minor points.  It is common for spouses to spend more in attorney fees than the item they are fighting over is worth.  If you are considering divorce or, in the middle of your own, I encourage you to read and reflect on this blog post.  Hind sight is alwasy 20/20.

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