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Our clients and colleagues have benefitted from our divorce planning services and you can, too. Here’s what some of them had to say…

Testimonials From Industry Professionals

I trust Sandy Arons to educate my clients regarding scenarios for equitable settlements, tax issues, dividing pensions and the many other financial topics in divorce. I highly recommend her unique financial mediation and collaborative services to my clients and colleagues to help them make smart financial choices during divorce.

The Honorable Marietta Shipley - Divorce mediation testimonial Nashville, TN

When my divorcing clients work with Arons & Associates, I am confident they are prepared to make informed financial choices. I consistently receive very positive feedback regarding Sandy’s unique collaborative services and I am glad to have Arons & Associates as a divorce mediation resource.

Jan Walden - Attorney divorce financial mediation testimonial Nashville, TN

I have collaborated with Sandy Arons in several cases. I have been the coach/facilitator in these cases and Sandy has been the financial neutral expert. And I have referred some of my clients to her to help them discover financial solvency. Clients have universally enjoyed working with Sandy. She provided them a clear picture of their financial circumstances and offered options for how to move forward. She helped clients become grounded in their financial reality and this helped them manage their fears.

Dr. David McMillan - Psychologist and divorce mediation testimonial in Nashville, TN

I have referred numerous individuals and couples to Sandy Arons for financial guidance. She has consistently provided assistance to them in their challenging journey of considering or pursuing a divorce. Sandy’s expertise in finance and mediation, along with her compassionate straightforwardness, combine to prove her an invaluable resource to couples who need information and direction during divorce.

Trisha Hothorn - LCSW

Sandy has been of tremendous help to a number of my clients who are considering—or are in the process of—divorce. She is able to clarify so many of the complex financial details that are involved and she gives them confidence they understand what settlement options are fair. My clients are so relieved to know there is someone with the financial expertise to assist them during a very difficult time in their lives. She consistently helps them avoid potentially disastrous financial mistakes.

Dr. Phil Chanin - Psychologist

As a therapist who works with many divorcing and divorced people and as a mediator and collaborative coach who helps people through a divorce process, I know all too well how scary and confusing it is for both men and women to navigate through this most difficult time in their lives. Sandy has been immensely helpful to clients I have referred her in facilitating their understanding of their finances and then in guiding them as they explore their financial options. Women and men have reported to me that they have felt more confident in their decision-making and that they worked together better on their divorce settlement as a result of their work with Sandy. I am most happy to have her as a trusted resource for my clients.

Lynn Barton - LCSW

Sandy is my go to person when it comes to divorce related investment questions. She always makes time for me and gives simple answers to potentially complicated questions. Most of all she cares for her clients and I trust her.

Kevin Moeller - Divorce financial mediation testimonial Brentwood

As a divorce attorney, I genuinely appreciate your Brentwood divorce mediation services as the insights you provide really benefit both spouses because they understand the financial implications of a divorce.

Brittany Gates, Brentwood, TN - Divorce Attorney - Testimonial for Brentwood divorce mediation

As a family law attorney, I believe that Sandy provides an invaluable service to clients going through the divorce process. I have worked with Sandy and her clients for over 5 years, and have found her to be a professional, neutral third-party that can assist clients navigate through the most difficult issues and come to an amicable resolution. I cannot recommend her services enough.

Thomas White - Divorce mediation testimonial Brentwood TN

I've worked with Sandy Arons for over 8 years. She's very precise with her divorce mediation clients and has extreme attention to detail when it comes to anyone seeking divorce financial advice or actually divorcing. I've found that many people that I've helped who go thru divorce do not receive good financial advice. Especially with regards to their assets, their pending real estate decisions, advice on their credit and co-signed debts when working with conventional divorce attorneys and mediators. Sandy, however, is well versed in all things financial and advises clients in all of the necessary areas of their finances in order to have them fully ready for their next phase in life once their divorce is complete.

Brendan Donelson - Divorce mediation testimonial Brentwood and Franklin TN

As a family law attorney, I've found Sandy Arons' services to be an invaluable asset to my clients and my practice. Sandy is a consummate professional and has been a critical element in both helping my clients navigate the financial realities of divorce and reaching mutually agreeable outcomes. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

James Sperring Family Law Attorney - Attorney testimonial for divorce finances mediation Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Testimonials From Collaborative Clients

We could not have done it without Sandy! Navigating through the divorce process is confusing and stressful. We didn’t even know where to start. If you are divorcing, you’ll benefit from her knowledge about financial topics and her excellent client centered approach. She served as the financial neutral in our divorce and was the glue that held the case together. Her ability to remain objective throughout our divorce process while explaining the financial issues allowed us to get a settlement that met the unique needs of our family. An objective understanding of each other’s financial needs helped to make the process less adversarial. We have recommended Sandy to friends and colleagues in the midst of divorce. If you are divorcing, you’ll benefit from her thorough understanding of financial issues and excellent mediation skills and collaborative approach. She will provide insights that will help you and the attorneys think more clearly, minimize arguing and unnecessary professional fees.

Dr. Jane Siegel and Hugh McSharry - Nashville

Sandy, as a financial neutral played the most essential role in my collaborative divorce process. During such an emotional time, it is crucial to both party’s long-term financial security to have a professional involved whose job is to look at and analyze the numbers. Sandy was completely unbiased, and used her vast knowledge and experience as a financial professional to guide us to a property settlement that both myself and my ex-husband felt was extremely fair. Having Sandy involved in the process as a financial neutral helped to remove the emotion form working out the financial settlement, and made it what it should be: a practical and fair approach to financially separating two lives. Her financial insights educated my husband and myself and empowered us to make confident choices during settlement negotiations.

Gweyn Colaberdino - Brentwood

My budget was so wrong! I had no idea that I would be paying taxes on my alimony. Arons & Associates provided invaluable help to me during my Collaborative Law divorce. Because I knew what I needed, I was able to clearly articulate my financial needs and objectives. I have recommended Sandy to friends and feel that her financial mediation services made a significant difference in my divorce settlement.

Heidi Michel - Franklin

As the Financial Professional on my Collaborative Law team, Sandy helped us understand our financial reality. This gave me a tremendous peace of mind for the future. The fee I paid to Arons & Associates was money well-spent. The financial insights she provided helped us avoid costly tax mistakes and the savings more than paid for her services. Thank you Sandy for all your hard work!

Dr. Martha Leonard - Bellevue

Thank you for all your expertise and support during our collaborative divorce. I really feel like I have a better understanding of my financial situation and made the best choices available during the divorce negotiations.

Meghan Carlson - Nashville

Sandy helped me understand what amount of money I needed to receive from my divorce settlement so I could afford to get my nursing degree and pay for my living expenses while in school. Her guidance allowed me to feel confident that I knew what I needed to ask for in my settlement. She is very easy to talk to and felt that she was genuinely concerned about the welfare of me and my children.

Meghan Carlson - Nashville

Sandy helped my wife, myself and our attorneys work through the financial issues of our collaborative divorce. While I knew that Sandy could help my wife, I really didn’t think that I needed her services. I was wrong. Sandy’s insights saved me money and paid for the cost of her services many times over. She is very professional and accommodating.

Bill Carlson - Nashville

Sandy is highly efficient, professional and knowledgeable. She is able to establish comfortable rapport with both spouses and has considerable skill as a financial mediator. Sandy has the knowledge and experience needed to quickly ascertain your personal financial potential futures based on proposed settlements. I wish I had known about her services prior to hiring an attorney. We could have saved tens of thousands of dollars by working out the finances with Sandy rather than having the attorneys argue. If you are considering divorce, I highly recommend you talk with Sandy before the attorneys are involved. Hindsight is 20/20.

Diane Dorsa - Divorce financial mediation testimonial nashville

Testimonials From Divorce Financial Mediation Clients

Although we both had fine attorneys during our collaborative divorce, it was Sandy’s ability to function as a financial neutral and organize / explain the financial issues that really made the difference in our case and settlement. Divorce is very emotional and it is easy to get swept away in the current. Sandy kept us on track by focusing on the numbers. As she educated us about the finances, our anxiety levels decreased and we were able to think more clearly. Sandy provided invaluable financial insights, advice, tax information and support to both of us (and the attorneys) as we navigated the dissolution of our 35-year marriage. She helped us through these difficult waters in a manner that was always professional, positive, helpful and encouraging. Without hesitation, we recommend Sandy if your marriage is ending and your goal is to minimize the cost and drama while having confidence you are making smart financial choices.

Bill and Sue Snyder - Franklin

Sandy saved us tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees because she was able to do the majority of the divorce discovery work for us rather than us using our attorneys. Her ability to educate both of us about the financial issues of our estate helped to minimize unnecessary bickering. Sandy’s financial mediation skills allowed us to work out most of the settlement ourselves in a civil process that provided financial insights our well respected attorneys did not address. Sandy also worked well with our attorneys and financial advisor to very efficiently finalize the settlement. We highly recommend Sandy to help you get a financially smart divorce in a process that has minimal turmoil, is client friendly and is an excellent value.

Michele and Jay Sevigny - Franklin

Sandy’s ability to work with both of us, serving as a financial neutral was a critical component in our ability to reach an acceptable settlement while controlling professional fees. She earned our trust through the case and we both relied on her for financial guidance and candid feedback. Sandy worked well with our attorneys. They consistently relied on her to address the financial and tax issues of our case while they addressed the legal aspects. If you are considering divorce, you should understand divorce is 45% emotions, 45% finances and 10% legal issues. Getting your finances in order before you retain an attorney will minimize the emotional and financial costs of your divorce. We highly recommend Sandy to help you and your family through the divorce process.

Blake and Jan Williams - Brentwood

During my marriage I was in dark about our finances. When my husband asked for a divorce I was really scared and concerned about my future. I wish I had hired Sandy before I retained my attorney. Although I had a great attorney, I ended up paying $11,000 just to gather the financial information for mediation. And, I still did not understand the numbers. After meeting with Sandy a few times the week before mediation, I was able to comprehend the financial information I had struggled with for months. Her fees are reasonable and a wise investment. If you are considering divorce, your first step should be to meet with Sandy. She’ll explain the financial topics so you’ll have confidence you know what to ask for and save you a bundle on legal fees.

Cathy Davis - Franklin

While we don’t agree on everything, we do agree that Sandy’s assistance during our divorce process was invaluable. Despite the fact that we both had an attorney, we did not feel comfortable moving forward with the proposed divorce settlement until Sandy had reviewed it and given us feedback. She consistently brought issues to our attention that we had not considered and saved us from making some potentially dreadful financial mistakes. Her ability to speak candidly regarding divorce financial issues helped us both realize when were being stubborn and needed to compromise. If divorce is in your future, see Sandy before you begin the legal process. You’ll get more value from your legal fees and minimize unnecessary emotional stress for you and your kids.

Rick and Donna Marley - Brentwood

Thank you for everything! I value your opinion and really appreciate having you on my team! Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend…But, your expert financial advice is a close second!

Donna Marley - Brentwood

When I was going through my divorce, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had to think about. Stuff I had always just done. Now I had to consider how it would affect me, my kids and the rest of my life. Sandy helped me to think about items I never would have thought to consider; who would pay for the kids’ cell phones, gas in college, college search trips, music lessons and sports fees? There are many expenses to consider and having Sandy guide my thought process was really helpful. During divorce, it is hard enough to think about getting through your days, much less thinking about what you are going to do in five years. Sandy helped me think clearly so I could articulate what I needed to request in the financial settlement and why. As a result of her financial guidance and collaborative mediation skills, we were able to create a settlement that was acceptable to both parties and avoided the excessive legal fees and the drama of going to court.

Karen Potts - Nashville

I’ll admit that I was skeptical when my wife mentioned hiring Sandy. I was feeling that nobody could be impartial or serve as a financial neutral. I was wrong. Sandy was this and more. Her common sense approach to the financial issues allowed us both to see where we were being unreasonable and her input brought about compromises that made sense. With her help, we were able to craft a settlement that worked for our family. We brought Sandy into our case after our attorneys were not able to settle the case. It was Sandy’s financial insights and skills as a mediator that helped us come to a fair agreement. In retrospect, I wish that we had hired her at the beginning of our divorce process. We would have saved ourselves time, money and emotional turmoil. Thank you, Sandy for a job well done.

Dr. John Potts - Nashville

Sandy was the financial mediator for our divorce. As my now ex-husband and I worked with her, we both came to trust her judgment and objectivity. She was very thorough and worked diligently even weekends and evenings when necessary to help us resolve our differences and move forward. While we each had our own attorney for legal advice, we relied on Sandy’s mediation and financial knowledge to help us and our attorneys address the numbers. It is such an emotional time, and Sandy could diffuse any situation that arose. As we discussed dividing assets and alimony, Sandy helped me have a clear understanding of what the numbers really meant. She invested significant effort to ensure a fair resolution. This helped negotiations move ahead and gave me confidence that I was making good financial choices. I highly recommend Sandy’s unique mediation process and collaborative approach. It is a common sense approach to demystifying a confusing time.

Tracy Avrett - Franklin

Sandy was the financial mediator during my divorce and helped my wife and I make logical financial decisions. We had a long term marriage,so there was a lot of issues to work through. I feel good about the final settlement Sandy helped us make and believe it was very fair to both sides.

After the attorneys received the outline of the divorce proposal my wife and I drafted with Sandy, she was there to answer questions, and work with each attorney to make sure things went as smoothly as possible.

Sandy more than paid for her fees in the unnecessary legal fees she saved us and the financial errors we did not make as a result of her guidance. My wife and I definitely got a financially smart divorce. I highly recommend Sandy and Arons & Associates if you are considering divorce.

Jay Avrett - Nashville

Thank you, Sandy for your continued efforts to help us through the rough spots during our divorce mediation. Your thorough analysis and objectivity allowed me to realize when I was not being reasonable. Divorce is an emotional time and you helped us both see through the fog.

Jay Avrett - Brentwood

Ms. Arons has a deep, concise, caring & practical knowledge of both divorce & finance thus is able to sort out all the ramifications for her client. She really understands the money and knows what’s realistic & what’s not in the long run. She is also very capable of working with both parties very amiably. When working with Sandy, you can expect to spend less time & money in negotiations, wind up with a better settlement plus end your marriage with less bitter feelings. Not to be sneered at in the long run; especially if there are children involved. I totally recommend Ms. Arons as an adjunct to your lawyer if you are considering divorce. Sandy’s top qualities are: Great Results, Expert & High Integrity.

Cathy Entman - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Sandy worked with my ex-wife and me as a financial mediator during our divorce. Sandy’s well-honed mediation skills moved us through the divorce process while addressing not only the critical financial issues but also smoothing emotional barriers to reaching agreement. This allowed us to save a considerable amount of time, effort and money on unnecessary attorney fees. I have recommended Arons & Associates Divorce Planning services to friends and believe that their fees were very reasonable and a wise investment.

Steve Entman - Belle Meade

The budgeting exercises that we did with you, as well as the assembly of all the financial information, was invaluable to us in negotiating a settlement that works for our family.

Scott Davis - Franklin

When it’s all said and done, the most you can hope for from a divorce is that any settlement is fair and makes sense for everyone. Working with Arons & Associates resulted not only in a fair and equitable settlement but, did so in a way that was much less expensive, minimized emotional turmoil and was more thoughtful than the traditional legal approach of having two attorneys argue back and forth. I would recommend Sandy to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in the process of divorce.

Scott Davis - Franklin

Sandy helped my wife and I clearly understand the money issues of our divorce. I found her process to be very cost effective and sensitive to the emotional issues of divorce. Her financial planning, analysis and mediation abilities are the reason we were able to understand complex financial issues and achieve an amiable divorce with a settlement that was fair for both of us. Her thorough work and communication with our attorneys also helped us minimize the legal expenses. I highly recommend her unique combination of abilities and approach to mediation to get a settlement that is fair to both spouses.

Greg Page - Hermitage

The services provided by Sandy Arons and Arons & Associates was invaluable to my ex-husband and me during our divorce process. She provided both of us with the necessary financial stepping stones so we could come to a fair settlement that we could find agreeable. Sandy is intelligent, easy to communicate with, and always professional. I have recommended her to friends and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

Kit Swaggert - Nashville

Thank you so much, Sandy. The advice and peace of mind you have given me through this process has been invaluable to me. You have guided me through one of the most difficult things I've ever done and made me feel confident in my financial decisions. Thank you for being so attentive by calling and emailing to check in and keeping me on track each step of the way. I'm so glad that I made the smart decision to hire you to help me and my husband. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is considering divorce.

Lauren Grant - Nashville

The financial counseling and education Sandy provided me during my divorce made a significant positive difference in my settlement and is still spilling over into my life post-divorce. Yes, I had a very good attorney but, thanks to Sandy's help, I will be financially secure the rest of my life. Sandy did a great job and helped me so much during a very stressful time that I am happy to write this positive review.

Cyndi Harrington - Hendersonville

Sandy worked with my wife and myself during our divorce process. We have four children and it was critical the divorce did not destroy our ability to co-parent. We were also concerned about the divorce depleting our resources and children’s education accounts.

Sandy’s ability to explain the financial issues and educate us about the bottom line helped us keep our emotions under control. When we were being unreasonable regarding financial requests, Sandy would tactfully bring this to our attention and help us find a solution that was less self-focused and more acceptable / fair to our spouse. It was obvious that Sandy always had our best interests at heart. Her process was not only affordable and efficient, it also saved us from court drama, a year or more of stressful negotiations and $100,000 in legal fees. More importantly, Sandy’s process will allow us to co-parent our four children. There are some things that are hard to quantify… How do you put a dollar value on sanity from chaos?

We worked with Sandy for 6 months. I have friends who did not work with Sandy and took the traditional route of working with two attorneys. Their divorce process lasted 3 times as long as ours and cost 10 times as much. Worst of all, at the end of their divorces, they disliked each other so intensely they cannot even be in the same room. I can’t image how stressful their upcoming daughter’s weddings will be.

Sandy’s provided critical financial and tax information the attorneys did not address. Her services gave both of us confidence we were making smart choices during negotiations. If you are considering divorce, I highly recommend you contact Sandy BEFORE you retain an attorney.

Brian Petersen - Bell Buckle, TN

Sandy Arons helped my wife and I get through bankruptcy and divorce. She was very professional and her work product solid. If you are considering divorce, retaining Sandy’s services before the attorneys are involved is a wise investment.

Stuart Reeve -

Going through a divorce is difficult enough without getting mired in antagonistic legal proceedings. Sandy understands that the people, spouses and children, involved in a divorce are the focus of the process. The legal aspects should serve the needs of the people involved rather than the other way around. Sandy is all about taking care of the people. I have appreciated her calm and supportive approach during a scary and uncertain time.

Dr. Daniel Roke - Divorce financial mediation testimonial nashville

I’m divorced and so, I speak from experience as I write this review and encourage you to talk with Arons & Associates before your talk with a divorce attorney. If you haven’t already figured it out, the law is pretty straight forward. Assets and debts are divided 50/50, child support is a formula created by the state and alimony is math… How much does one spouse need and how much can the other afford to pay. That’s a math problem not a sophisticated legal issue.

I spent lots of time and cash with attorneys during my divorce because I did not know what else to do. Then, I met Sandy and she helped me understand just how straight forward the divorce settlement and child custody issues were. She helped to keep me calm by explaining the these topics with straight forward language in a kind and compassionate way that was always supportive. If you or someone you know is thinking about divorce, you and they would be wise to contact Sandy Arons as your first step. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Rogers Caldwell - Divorce financial mediation testimonial nashville

You must talk with Sandy before hiring a divorce attorney. She is very thorough with the information provided. I give Arons & Associates a 5 star rating (out of 5 stars) !

Terri Davis - Testimonial for divorce mediation

AMAZING! Sandy is definitely needed when going through such an emotional time in your life. Whether thinking of divorce or headed to mediation; call her. You'll be glad you did. She'll empower you and equip you with the right tools to feel confident about your financial future. Thank you Sandy!

Ashleigh Langhorne - Divorce financial mediation testimonial nashville

I've been divorced a year and a half and am still very appreciative of Sandy's services. The funds I spent with her were not only a wise investment but, the best use of $1,500 I have ever spent! I've had several friends that have gone through a divorce since mine and I feel fortunate I can tell them about Sandy and how she helped me get through the process.

Lauren Carnes - Divorce financial mediation testimonial Nashville

Sandy has in a short time become one of my most valuable resources. Like most therapists, at any given time I have clients on the brink of divorce. And the financial challenges are often too much to handle alone. That's where Sandy comes in. As I write this, she is calming the emotionally-charged financial storms of three of my clients. They praise her for what she does. Blending her financial acumen with a keen interpersonal sense, she always manages to fully engage each party w/o "taking sides," soothe fears, dissipate bad blood, and help the soon to be divorced couple move forward with their dissolution in the most fair and equitable manner possible. And all without attorneys! Seeing Sandy work her magic with the most contentious parents is the greatest gift, since it's the children who suffer most from the acrimony. If that's not enough, her life cycle financial fitness sub-speciality for newly pairing couples and individuals who need a fresh look at their financial house is just as top notch.

Chris Hancock - Therapist - Divorce financial mediation testimonial Brentwood

Sandy, thank you so much for helping our family through the divorce process. The information your provided was so useful, and helped me make more informed and better decisions. I will definitely refer divorcing folks to you and suggest they met with you before an attorney!

Patty Olbert - Divorce mediation nashville

Sandy worked with my husband and I throughout our divorce proceedings, and I would highly recommend her to anyone going facing similar circumstances. I found her to be knowledgeable and professional, and her mediation saved us a lot of money. Divorce is a very difficult time for everyone involved, and Sandy is willing to ride the storm with you. She listens, she mediates, she makes adjustments, and she'll get you to the other side. I highly recommend her! Thank you Sandy

Sharon Burns - Divorce financial mediation nashville testimonial

Many of my clients over the past several years have used the services of Arons and Associates Divorce Planning and they consistently give them glowing reviews. Clients tell me Sandy really understands the financial and tax aspects of divorce and explains the information in a manner that is always very helpful, practical and professional. She obviously really cares about her clients, their families and their well-being. Most importantly, Sandy helps clients make smart financial choices and avoid the typical divorce fear, drama and excessive legal fees. I am so glad to have Sandy and Arons & Associates as a valuable resource for my clients.

Maleah Stephens CFP - divorce mediation testimonial Brentwood and Franklin TN

I cant say enough great things about Sandy Arons ! Please, please, please contact her before you call an attorney. Attorneys are incentivized to drag things out and get billable hours. That is not on Sandy's agenda. She will help you every way possible to mediate every aspect of a divorce quickly and professionally. She is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of divorce law, finances, investments and any other question or concern you may have regarding divorce. Due to a difficult situation around the time my wife and I separated, we were unable to communicate between each other for approximately 6 weeks. During this time Sandy was like an attorney to me, taking care of much needed communication between my wife and I which would not have been legally possible any other way. Sandy was available literally almost 24 hrs a day. On several occasions during difficult times Sandy was in communication with me via text or phone call late at night and early in the morning. I don't know anyone who would give out their contact information while they were relaxing on vacation in another country but that is exactly what Sandy Arons did for me. I cant even imagine going through what we went through without her. No matter how difficult your situation may be, Sandy will put you both at ease and will help you through every single step of the process.

Rob Hays - divorce mediation nashville

I can’t imagine how much harder my divorce would have been without Sandy’s guidance. Before I started working with Sandy, I was overwhelmed with uncertainty about how to address the financial aspect of the divorce. Sandy helped me & my then husband see our current financial state in numbers on paper & formulate a plan together to divide our marital assets & debts. This took away the financial uncertainty that had been so overwhelming to me and also allowed both of us to separate the emotional aspect of our divorce from the financial aspect. I recommend anyone even considering divorce to make an appointment with Sandy before you see an attorney. With her help, you will save money, time, unnecessary stress and frustration!

Ami Harvey - Divorce mediation brentwood, Franklin and Nashville TN

Sandy met with my husband and me to help us understand and resolve some issues prior to mediation. She provided lots of great advice. She helped reduce our cost of mediation for sure. My lawyer was just in it to stick me with massive fees. Sandy was much more helpful than the attorney, and Sandy will tell you she’s not providing legal advice. She’s providing practical advice. Since divorce is 45% emotions, 45% finances and 10% law, it makes sense to let Sandy address the financial issues and the attorney can address the legal issues.

Mindy Mosier - Divorce mediation financial issues nashville, Franklin and Brentwood TN

Thank you very much Sandy. We truly appreciate the collaborative process that you helped us establish. We both agree it was nice to have different avenues and possibilities pointed out to us, while preserving our freedom of choice and self-determination. We also appreciate that you understood our goal to protect each other’s interests and to incorporate a high level of trust. Not the most pleasant of circumstances, but certainly a much, much “softer landing” than most.

David Calkins and Becky Sappington - Client testimonial nashville divorce financial mediation

Sandy Arons did a tremendous job for my husband and myself during our divorce. She has honestly been the smartest, most focused and fairest professional we have worked with during our divorce process. I have felt that she truly cared about saving us money and heartache and time.

Sandy is also a very intuitive person that has been very very helpful to me as a woman. I would certainly recommend Sandy to anyone going through this tough journey. It is essential that she be brought into the case early, before you hire an attorney so you receive the most benefit from her unique services and control attorney fees.

Lisa Neff - Divorce mediation testimonial brentwood tennessee

Thank you for everything! You were a great help and a pleasure to work with.

Ana Sloan - divorce mediation testimonial nashville

Getting divorced is the most difficult experience I've ever had. Emotions are high and tempers are short. My ex wife was referred to Sandy Arons by a friend of hers. One of the first things I noticed about working with Sandy , was her calming effect on the process. My ex and I actually started to working together to get through or divorce with the least amount of damage, both emotionally and financially. If you have children, you can understand why this is important. They often become the collateral damage at the ending of a marriage. Open communication about what are reasonable outcomes are critical to the process. Sandy did a great job on explaining what to expect and how to adjust to our new reality. Today my ex wife and I are still friends and we behave like adults in the present of our daughter. One of our major goals was to show her how to act when life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would . IF - we had experienced the typical ..never ending, Expensive legal battle with exhaustive communication through third parties, I doubt that we would be speaking to each other. A wise friend told me, when you have kids, your never really divorced. He asked me If I wanted to move on with my life or be in an ongoing war forever. How your divorce is completed lays the ground work for your future relationship with your ex partner. The process is difficult and both sides have to make sacrifices . If your looking for a highly knowledgeable, very experienced , stabilizing force to guide you through what may be the most difficult experience you've ever had, Call Sandy Arons. I'm so thankful we did.

Joe Zenker - Nashville and Brentwood divorce mediation testimonial

I highly recommend Sandy Arons. Divorce is one of the most painful things a person can experience. But, Sandy made it as easy as it could be by giving us solid direction and keeping us organized...and at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

Jon Webber - client testimonail divorce mediation Brentwood and Franklin

I wish I had met and hired Sandy a year ago! " My divorce was final this past June and I was not aware of some of the financial and tax repercussions. I felt that SHE was what was missing during the process... its such an emotional time and there are only so many new things you can learn during it. I highly recommend Aron and Associates to protect your finances and help you navigate your new life...

Sara Beth Schwab - divorce mediation testimonial franklin and Brentwood

Few want to find themselves in these circumstances, however, if they do, Sandy Arons is a valuable resource. She helped us efficiently navigate our divorce. She provided great educational materials and was diligent and thorough in every step. She was especially skilled at negotiating sensitive interpersonal dynamics in order to facilitate the process during the few times these dynamics threatened to halt the process. Her persistence allowed us to stay on track despite the challenges of an ambitious deadline. She was always willing to go the extra mile, and I felt like she was there for us in a genuine way each step of the way.

Tara Barber - Divorce financial mediation Brentwood and Nashville

My ex and I were amicably divorcing after working on things in couple's therapy for several years. Sandy understood where we were from the beginning and helped us figure out what life would look like financially for both households after the divorce and how to best structure custody of our two teenagers. She is familiar with the processes, the court system, and property division and helped us navigate all of that. She also referred us to other excellent professionals to help with specific aspects of the process. Working with her dramatically reduced both the cost and the drama of the divorce. We had previously attempted to do a collaborative divorce with other mediators and felt like they were over-complicating the process, dragging it out, driving up the expense and creating conflict where there was none. With Sandy, it felt like she was someone who understood what we were going through and was there to help us get through a painful process as easily as possible.

David Connor - Divorce mediation testimonial Brentwood TN

I am so grateful for the referral to Sandy services. I was worried that my husband would push back, but in fact we both found her extremely knowledgeable, a thoughtful communicator, and very straight forward with her experience of how the various scenarios may work out for both parties. We are both extremely satisfied with her council.

Laurie Cook - Divorce financial mediation testimonial Nashville, TN

Getting divorced is the most difficult experience I've ever had. Emotions are high and tempers are short. My ex wife was referred to Sandy Arons by a friend of hers. One of the first things I noticed about working with Sandy , was her calming effect on the process. My ex and I actually started to working together to get through or divorce with the least amount of damage, both emotionally and financially. If you have children, you can understand why this is important. They often become the collateral damage at the ending of a marriage. Open communication about what are reasonable outcomes are critical to the process. Sandy did a great job on explaining what to expect and how to adjust to our new reality. Today my ex wife and I are still friends and we behave like adults in the present of our daughter. One of our major goals was to show her how to act when life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would . IF - we had experienced the typical ..never ending, Expensive legal battle with exhaustive communication through third parties, I doubt that we would be speaking to each other. A wise friend told me, when you have kids, your never really divorced. He asked me If I wanted to move on with my life or be in an ongoing war forever. How your divorce is completed lays the ground work for your future relationship with your ex partner. The process is difficult and both sides have to make sacrifices . If your looking for a highly knowledgeable, very experienced , stabilizing force to guide you through what may be the most difficult experience you've ever had, Call Sandy Arons. I'm so thankful we did.

Joe Zenker - Testimonial for divorce finances mediation Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood

I am so grateful for the referral to Sandy services. I was worried that my husband would push back, but in fact we both found her extremely knowledgeable, a thoughtful communicator, and very straight forward with her experience of how the various scenarios may work out for both parties. We are both extremely satisfied with her council.

Lisa Usdan - Divorce financial mediation testimonial Brentwood, Nashville and Franklin TN

Sandy Arons is a true professional. I would highly recommend Sandy’s work as a Certified Financial Analyst & Specialist. Sandy is a knowledgeable Accredited Financial Counselor & Mediator that focuses on accurate financial information and presents it in a structured manner that is easily understood. I could always trust Sandy’s communication skills to make me feel comfortable & informed. Therefore, I was able to make decisions based on precise facts. Our meetings were always on time and I could depend on Sandy to come fully prepared. She is a hard-worker. She will follow-through until she has accomplished her goal to completeness.

Again, I would endorse Sandy Arons in all ways and because she is competent & caring.

Rebecca Brann - Divorce financial planning testimonial in Nashville TN

Working with Sandy during this very difficult time ended up saving me time and money. One way she saved us money was to suggest we postpone the final divorce decree till the beginning of the next year. Because of that we were able to save over 22k in taxes.
Her in depth knowledge of the process and ability to communicate in a professional and timely manner with both parties helped us arrive to a equitable resolution. I highly recommend her!

Mark Mendenhall - Testimonial Brenwood TN Certified Divorce financial analyst

Working with Sandy on divorce financial planning before seeing attorneys was a smart decision. We were glad that she provides this service. By first taking a look at an equitable division finances/assets, we saved time and money by not negotiating back and forth on the clock with a lawyer. Sandy was prompt and courteous throughout the process.

Todd Sisson - Divorce financial planning testimonial Brentwood TN

I was extremely impressed with the fairness and professionalism shown to us. Nothing about a divorce is easy but at Arons & Associates, they will assist you in finding the easiest route to finalize your divorce with as few roadblocks as possible. I cannot say enough about the attention to detail and compassion shown to our situation. Thank you Sandy for your guidance through such a difficult time.

Emily Townes - Cline testimonial Brentwood TN divorce finances

Sandy was great to work with and worked hard to mediate my divorce. She went above and beyond to find a solution that was beneficial for us and our children. I would recommend anyone seeking mediation to seek out her services before using costly lawyers. Avoid the messiness of legal offices and give her a call for a consult!

PJ Ambrefe - Testimonial Brentwood TN divorce financial mediation

Sandy has been a pleasure to work with. She is able to talk with couples during one of the hardest times of their life and helps them find a settlement that is an equitable solution. She helps people save money, time and reduces stress. Sandy takes great care in her work to be precise with numbers while also addressing the delicate emotions of all family members.

Chris Howell - divorce financial planning testimonial in Brentwood TN

Divorcing is a painful process however Sandy was the best decision we made. Rather then obtaining 2 attorneys, we enlisted Sandy to help us work through our finances then 1 attorney to file on our behalf. Smooth process. If you are considering divorce, I encourage you to contact Sandy before you reach out to an attorney.

Fernando Rodriguez - Testimonial for divorce financial planning Brentwood and Franklin TN

Sandy was helpful, kind, and wise in a contentious divorce that was served on me by surprise. Sandy focused first and foremost on custody, which was my main goal. My child will continue to grow up with me, in the home she has known all her life. Thank you, Sandy, for your wisdom and your guidance

Nashville Mom - Divorce financial planning testimonial in Brentwood TN

Testimonials From Divorce Financial Planning Clients

The budgeting exercises that I did with you, as well as the assembly of all the financial information was invaluable in negotiating a settlement that works for our family. Thank you for your help during this very difficult time. We are very pleased with the final outcome and will definitely refer divorcing friends to you.

Elizabeth Terance - Franklin

I could not have received the divorce settlement that I had wanted and ultimately received without your guidance. Thank you. Thank you. I’m forever grateful.

Michelle Marlow - Franklin

Sandy’s financial counsel was invaluable as I traveled through my divorce. At a very emotional time, she helped me focus on my long term financial goals, develop a budget, and make wise decisions during mediation. She even testified on my behalf when I had to go to court, spelling out clearly and concisely for the judge what the financial issues were and why I needed the support I was requesting. The result was a better outcome than I had anticipated. Clearly, I could not have received that settlement without Sandy’s help and guidance with the financial issues. I would highly recommend that anyone going through a divorce remember that the financial decisions made will affect the rest of your life so it is best to have Sandy and her associates on your side.

Candi Ford - Murfreesboro

After being married for over three decades, it was expected that the separation/divorce process would be emotionally overwhelming. I don’t know what I would have done without Sandy. Early on, she had me fill out a detailed budget that I could not possibly have thought through myself. I came to see that there was a huge discrepancy between what I thought I needed to survive and what I, in fact, needed. As a result of Sandy’s expertise and negotiation skills, I was able to get an extra $1,000 a month in alimony, certainly more than I had anticipated. That’s $12,000 a year! I could not have done this without Sandy’s help. She also counseled me on how to get the most benefit out of attorney fees, which, believe me, can be extremely high! She is an exceptional professional who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her client’s welfare. She empathizes well to the whole range of emotions involved in separating from one’s spouse; she knows how to help each client on the most personal level. Sandy’s help was worth more than I can ever express. Thank you, Sandy, for a job well done!

Linda Dimengo - Las Vegas, NV

After my divorce was over, I didn’t realize I needed to create a new ‘Living Will’ or ‘Health Care Proxy’ assigning someone other than my ex-spouse to make medical decisions for me if I was in an accident. My divorce attorney never mentioned these issues. The After-Divorce Financial Survival GuideI received from Arons & Associates included this and other invaluable information, too. I’d recommend it to every divorcee.

Paul King - Nashville

I was in such a fog from the emotional stress of my divorce that I could not think straight. Sandy knew what we needed to do. She organized boxes of loose paper and created budgets, spreadsheets and graphs. When Sandy was done with her analysis, I knew how much alimony I needed to live each month including taxes and saving for retirement. She worked tirelessly with my attorney and I before and during mediation to develop and execute a successful strategy. Detail should be Sandy’s middle name. She provided my counsel with the financial ammunition that we needed to get what I wanted. She also worked equally hard after mediation to ensure that there were no loose ends. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Sherry Horner - Nashville

Her software can generate reports and graphs that are easy to understand and that communicate volumes of information very concisely. Sandy is very thorough. She also knows how to present information that your attorney needs and wants. Sandy’s years of sales and negotiations allow her to anticipate potential objections from your spouse and overcome those objections. Mediators appreciate the clarity her analysis brings to the table. The opposing counsel won’t want Sandy on your side.

Tim Davis - Nashville

Sandy helped me tremendously in the divorce process. She offered so much more help than my lawyer AND counselor. She listened to me intently, worked hours going over piles of financial information and gave me sound advice. I highly recommend her!!

Caroline Edwards - Hendersonville

The software that Sandy uses and the graphs and reports that it generates makes mediation much less combative and more of a discussion. It is hard for the opposition to argue with facts.

Dr. Carla Retief - Brentwood

Financial mistakes made during this stressful time will affect you and your children for the rest of your lives.

June Sweet - Boca Raton, FL