Why Does TN Child Support End at 18?
Why does TN child support end at 18?

  Posted on April 29, 2012
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If you are divorcing in TN and have children, remember that TN divorce laws state that child support payments will end when a child turns 18, or graduates from high school. If you are receiving child support, just because your child is at college does not mean that expenses for that child are $0. Even if the other parent is paying for college expenses or the majority of college expenses, you will probably have expenses for the child's clothing and groceries etc. when they are home. Children usually stay with the mother when they are home from college. That means moms end up paying the majority of at home expenses while the child is in college. Are those expenses included in your monthly living expenses? Do you know that child support does not have to end at 18? It can continue if the parties agree. Your divorce lawyer can discuss TN divorce laws, deviations to child support payments and provide further information. You need to consider the expenses of your children after they turn before the divorce papers are signed.

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