Posted on September 14, 2023
Divorce calculator

A client came into my Brentwood, TN office last week and told me what they wanted in both the settlement and the parenting plan.  Their requests were unreasonable and I explained this to the client. 

A good settlement should result in both spouses getting most of what they want and understanding where compromise is necessary.  A good settlement should be a win-win for both spouses. 

In my experience, when the spouses understand their financial reality, they are then able to agree on a settlement.  However, if one spouse or both spouses do not understand their financial reality, arguing will continue and legal fees will continue to climb.  Often times, clients are so wrapped up in the emotional tug of war, they don't understand their life savings are being spent on legal fees.

So, last week, I explained the financial reality of the case to my client.  While they were disappointed they would not likley receive 90% of the estate, they did understand the numbers.  After some reflection, the client met with me this week and her revised proposed settlement was realistic.  

I then met with both spouses a few days later to review the proposed settlement.  After a few changes, both agreed on the terms.  A solution based approach is essential for divorce negotiations to be resolved while reducing the stress, time and cost of a divorce.  Divorce mediation is not rocket science. 

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