Collaborative Divorce in Nashville, TN

  Posted on January 21, 2013
divorcing man image

A collaborative practice divorce has been getting some good publicity recently in Nashville, TN. Did you see the article in the Tennessean regarding the collaborative divorce of Bill Frist? This type of divorce has many advantages over a typical litigated divorce primarily because a collaborative divorce focuses on crafting settlements that solve problems. What a refreshing concept; divorce attorneys finding solutions to clients problems, helping the family's maintain their dignity and relationships post-divorce.

It has been said that divorce does to families what hand grenades does to interior design… I am on the front lines of divorce every day and I concur with this statement. That is why I enjoy working on collaborative divorce cases and serving as the financial neutral. I help both spouses and their attorneys understand the financial and tax issues of divorce. This education process typically reduces anxiety and therefore conflict. When clients understand their financial reality, they have a lot less fear and realize that fighting for something that is not possible will get them nowhere except leave them and their children emotionally spent and their bank account drained.

Collaborative practice divorce is not for every case. But, for some cases it is a very viable option to end a marriage and move on with minimal emotional scarring, less expense and allows for a divorce with dignity.