Brentwood divorce and alimony

  Posted on July 30, 2020
Woman considering divorce alimony

A client came into my Brentwood, TN office today and stated, " My neighbor just got divorced and she got 3 years of alimony.  So is that the standard length of time for alimony?"

Attorneys tell me there is no standard or typical duration for alimony or standard or typical amount for alimony.  The two key facors attorneys focus on is what one spouse needs and the other is able to pay.  How do we understand need and ability?  By focusing on their monthly incomes and expenses... A detailed expense worksheet will give you the information you need to understand your potential alimony amount.

This is not rocket science.  But, it is also not a walk in the park.  We specialize in working with clients on alimony topics in our Brentwood and Nashville offices.  Our monthly expense worksheet ahs 140 itmes and is very complete.  By having a complete list of expenses, you will one step closer to understanding your potnetial alimony. 


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