Posted on July 19, 2021
Divorcing woman reviewing her financial options

A potential client who is considering divorce met with me in my Brentwood, TN office this morning.  She told me her most significant concern is worring about having to go to court.  I explained that less than 5% of cases actually go to court.  Additionally, attorneys tell me it costs at least $50,000 per spouse (yes, that is $100,000 in attorney fees) to go to court.  She was not aware of these statistics and felt more relaxed once she knew this information.

We all see too many reality TV shows with high drama or, hear about some courtroom antics that make us fearful.  Her fears came from an attorney that told her he would fight for her in court...  I think the attorney was trying to explain he would advocate for her so she would hire them...  All she heard was the fighting in court and that scared her.  After clients realize, the court room is less than 5% of cases and not reality, they become more calm.  This is good becuase calm people make better decisions and they make better parents.

Calm people are also better able to understand the pros and cons of their options, their financial reality and grasp the tax impacts of divorce.  If you are considering divorce and want to avoid drama nonsense and legal expense, contact our office for straight talk.