Posted on August 30, 2020
sign with divorce questions

I received a phone call this morning from a man who has been thinking about divorce for about 6 months.  He and his wife have agreed their marriage is no longer working.  They have both reached out to divorce attorneys and were not pleased with the aggressive, take no prisoners approach from the attorneys.

So, he found me through a friend and called me to see if I could help them... YES!!  This is my favorite kind of client... They want to get a divorce that does not destroy their family or bank account.

Their case is straightforward.  They own a house (their largest asset), have some money in savings / retirement and have two cars and two kids.  His biggest concern is the house.  He wants to keep the house but, is not sure he can afford it.  He knows he will pay child support but, does not know how much he should pay.  He is not sure if he will need to pay alimony.  We address these types of questions every day.  None of his questions are very difficult to answer.  They all require focusing on math, not law. 

If you are considering divorce, understand it is 45% emotions, 45% math and 10% law.  So, we suggest you first talk with a therapist to determine if divorce is really the next step and only option.  Second, you should get your financial information organized so you understand your financial reality.  The last step is to meet with an attorney to get legal advice.  Too often, those divorcing first meet with an attorney because they don't know what to do...

If you are considering divorce, we suggest you focus on the math.  This will decrease your anxiety and your spouse's anxiety.  This is good news for your family.  By understanding the math, you will control legal fees and be in the driver's seat rather than being a puppet.