Divorce and choosing the right attorney

  Posted on July 13, 2020
Divorcing woman asking for help with finances

A new divorcing client came into my Brentwood, TN office today.  She has not yet given me any of the case financial inforamtion I requested.  Regardless, she asked for a list of divorce attorneys I recommend so she could start the interview process. 

I explained if she asked her Dr. for a list of good medicines, the Dr. would need to understand her symptoms... The Dr. may say something like, "If you have a headache and no other symptoms, I suggest X.  If you have a stomach ache and head ache, I suggest Y.  If your back hurts, where does it hurt and what does the pain feel like?"  Based on your answers, the Dr. will recommend different medicines.  I could give other examples but, I think you understand where I am going with this...

Every divorce case is different and there is not one divorce attorney is not right for every case.  After a client has given me the financial information and I have a basic understanding of a case and the client concerns, I can then reach out to the attorneys I know to determine the following:  Which attorneys are a good fit for this client and this case?, Which attorneys are taking new cases?, Which attorneys are on vacation?, Which ones are involved with a big trial and too busy?, Which ones have just ended their partnerships and are too busy finding new office space to focus on this case etc.

If a client had a tough custody battle, I would not refer them to an attorney who does not have children.  If a client owned a busienss, I would not refer them to an attorney who was not strong in math.  Each case is unique and I take time to consider all the factors before I recommend an attorney.

Since the legal aspects of the case are only 10%, it makes sense to begin your divorce by focusing on the 45% of the case that is math.  Focus on the numbers first.  After that is done, you can worry about interviewing attorneys.  Since an attorney can't give anyone meaningful legal advice until they have a clear picture of the finances, it makes sense to get your finances in order before you interview attorneys.

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