Posted on April 7, 2020
divorce house

I was meeting with clients in my Brentwood office today and we discussed what to do with the marital residence.  Because they have three children, they would like to keep the house.  But, they could not afford to both have a residence large enough for three children.  So, they came to a compromise... They would rent a one bedroom condo near the marital residence and each parent will alternate staying at the condo at a week at a time while the other parent stayed at the marital residence with the children.  This arrangement allows them to share their time with the children equally (a week at a time) but, does not break the bank.  Most importantly, they can keep the marital residence and provide stability for their family.

This arrangement is called "nesting" and allows the children to stay put while the parents move back and forth.  While not ideal for every family or situation, this couple is certain it will work for them.  I applaud their efforts to "think outside the box" and do what is right for their family vs. what their attorney recommended, selling the home IMMEDIATELY.

Research tells us that divorce is the second most traumatic event a person will experience during their lifetime and moving is number three... If we can avoid divorcing and moving at the same time, seems like a good idea.

For those considering divorce, I encourgae you to carefully consider what is best for your family rather than blindly following the advice of an attorney.   Afterall, it is your life and I think smart people make good choices. 



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