Posted on August 20, 2019
Brentwood divorces should focus on finances

My Brentwood divorce mediations often have fishy finances. It is imperative the financial topics be thoroughly understood by both spouses before a settlement can be finalized. For example, I was talking with a husband client today and he said he felt he should pay his wife $50,000 for her share of the house equity. I asked him to explain how he determined the number of $50,000. He said, he just FELT that was the right number... When I reviewed their financial documents, the actual equity the husband owed the wife was $75,000. It does not matter that he FEELS the right number is $50,000.

Spouses have to show the supporting financial documents to support their proposed settlements. Otherwise, if we use our feelings to settle divorce cases, clients will spend a lot more money on attorney fees and a lot more hours of their life arguing about a settlement. Arguing is not good for the family, their ability to co-parent or, their bank account as legal fees can easily escalate when emotions flare.

If you are considering divorce mediation in Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville or middle Tennessee area, I encourage you to focus on the finances.  Consider getting a therapist to address your emotional needs and keep you on track.

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