Franklin Divorce Mediator Topics
Franklin Divorce Mediation Tpoics

  Posted on July 24, 2019
If considering Divorce in Brentwood, the first step is to get a therapist.  Next get your finances in order.  Then you will be ready to meet with an atotrney.

If you are preparing for divorce mediation in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood or some other town in TN, you will prepare for mediation the same way.  First, get a list of assest and debts.  Then work on a parenting plan and child support worksheet.  Finally, gather information on your monthly expenses.

Getting a divorce is not rocket science or a mysterious process... You just need to understand the steps.  Be leary of thinking that your divorce or settlement will be like your neighbor's or co-worker's.  Each family is unique and so is their settlement.

One thing that all divorces have in common is the fact that you need to focus on the numbers to ensure you get a fair settlement.  Divorce is 45% emotions, so you would benefit from seeing a therapist.  Divorce is 45% finances.  So, get your finances organized.  Divorce is 10% legal issues and an attorney cannot give anyone meaningful legal advice until they understand the finances.  So, get your finances in order before you meet with an attorney to ensure you get the best value for your legal fees.