Nashville Divorce Mediation Process Explained
What is divorce mediation

  Posted on November 21, 2018
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Nashville divorce mediation typically includes both spouses hiring an attorney. With two attorneys charging $300+ per hour and having two retainers of $3,000+ each, the case starts off expensive and fees increase quickly. Most divorcing spouses do not understand their case will likley not be completed with the initial retainer.  Three retainers per attorney are frequently necessary.

Mosy divorcing spouses do not understand that after the attorneys have sent proposals back and forth and not been able to agree on a settlement, then, the mediator gets involved and that is another $300+ per hour. So, those divorcing spouses are paying at least $900 per hour to have three attorneys on their case.

If divorce is 45% emotions, 45% finances and 10% law, why have three attorneys on the case and no one who understands and or takes responsibility for the financial and tax issues?

Our divorce mediation process is streamlined with fees of $225 per hour and we specialize in the financial and tax issues of divorce. Why pay $900 per hour when you can pay $225? Call our office for a complementary consultation so we can explain more details about our confidential divorce financial mediation services. Yes, it is possible to get divorced without destroying your family or finances.