Divorce Mediation and Alimony
Divorce mediation and alimony

  Posted on October 4, 2018
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Divorce mediation and alimony are topics I review daily with clients in my Brentwood, TN office. It is not a mysterious topic... Attorneys tell me alimony is determined by 16 factors (length of marriage, education of spouses, earning potential, contribution to the marriage etc.) but the two key factors are need and ability. What does one spouse need and what is the other able to pay? This is math.

If both spouses complete a very detailed expense worksheet with realistic numbers, they will both understand what one spouse needs and the other can pay. The more time spouses spend on this math exercise, the more confident they will be that their final settlement is fair and the less time they will spend paying attorneys to argue.

While this does take some time and effort to do correctly, it is time well spent and we help clients complete this work so they are not doing it blind. If you are considering divorce, focus on the math if you want to get a smart divorce.

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