Divorce and Clear Communication Between Spouses

  Posted on May 29, 2017
divorce communication between spouses

During divorce clear communication between spouses rarely occurs.  This happens for many reasons and most of these reasons are tied to emotions.  While it is understood that communications will be strained, it is essential that divorcing spouses keep the lines of communication open.  That communication can be email, text, phone calls or in person meetings.  If those divorcing do not communicate directly with their spouses, they will spend many tens of thousands of dollars having the attorneys discuss mundane issues.

I understand it is easier to just let the attorneys handle everything.  The problem with this approach is the clients are typically unaware exactly how much this method of communication is really costing them until the end of the case.  For example, I was meeting with a coupe in my Brentwood, TN office lats week and they have spent $80,000 on attorney fees and have not even gotten to mediation yet.  Both spouses were horrifeid to know how much money had been spent with very little progress made on their case.  

I encourage clients to ask their attorneys for monthly invoices so they can keep track of how much money they are spending on legal fees.  I also encourage divircing spouses to communicate directly with their spouse about issues relating to the children, how furinture will be divided and many other topics that are straight forward.  Avoid topics that will trigger your spouse and cause an arguement.  Use your best judgement to determine safe subjects and those subjects best left to the attorneys.  Feel free to contact my office if you would like further input on this topic.

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