Divorce and Keeping the House

  Posted on May 7, 2015

Divorce and keeping the house is topic I address in every case. This is a tough issue… There are often times many good reasons to keep the house; it allows the children to be in the same school zone, attend the same schools and helps them maintain some sense of "normal" during the emotionally confusing time of divorce. But, there are negatives to keeping the marital home; emotional skeletons linger making moving forward difficult and the cost of maintaining the marital home may be prohibitive. There are always pros and cons of every option.

I was talking with a Nashville client today regarding her thoughts on staying in the marital home and I understand this is a very emotional topic. However, it is important to consider the long-term implications of keeping the house not just thinking about what is best for the kids today.

As we worked through the financial analysis of her options, the right choice became obvious. As we reviewed the numbers and my client began to understand what they really meant for her family's situation she began to relax. Her anxiety level steadily decreased throughout the meeting. As she walked out of my office, she shook my hand and told me she really appreciated me helping her feel more calm. I find my work to be very fulfilling and am thankful my clients give me the opportunity to help them get a financially smart divorce.

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