What to Do When Your Spouse Won’t Provide Financial Info

  Posted on May 15, 2014

If your spouse is uncooperative, you have two options: Pay your attorney to go to court or, educate your spouse what lies ahead if they are uncooperative.

A spouse who is refusing to provide financial information does not understand they can’t withhold information. Perhaps they have always been secretive about the money… Perhaps their best friend told them not to turn over the information. Your spouse is just scared and really has no idea of how to navigate the divorce process. I'm not defending bad behavior. Just trying to help you understand why your spouse is being difficult. If they are uncooperative, your attorney will simply file a motion in court and compel the spouse to turn over the financial documents. Then your spouse’s attorney and your attorney will go to court and stand before the judge. The judge will tell your spouse’s attorney to turn over the requested information. That trip to the courthouse in Nashville or Franklin, TN can easily cost the spouses $5,000 or more in attorney fees.

If your uncooperative spouse realized they will have to turn over the documents, do you think they would do this and save $5,000? I’d say 100% of my “difficult” clients turn over the financial documents once they understand they have no choice. Who wants to waste $5,000? Educating yourself and your spouse about the divorce process in TN will save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. I’m a big advocate of helping my Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville, TN clients avoid typical divorce drama. There will likely be issues where using your attorney's "muscle" will be necessary. Getting financial information shouldn't be on of them.

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