TN Divorce Laws and the Internet

  Posted on July 30, 2011

Learning Tennessee Divorce Laws Via the Internet

A Nashville client asked me yesterday about some divorce laws and legal issues of divorce in TN. He had scoured the internet regarding the divorce laws in TN and had gathered quite a bit of information. He had also calculated his Tennessee child support payment by reading the child support guidelines and completing the child support worksheet provided on a state website. He had even researched via the internet the different types of divorce alimony allowed by law in TN and rulings on divorce by the state supreme court.

Being Informed about Tennessee Divorce Laws

Being an informed consumer is critical. We read Consumer Reports to determine the best tires for our car or vacuum cleaner we should buy. Why don’t more people research the divorce and child support laws in their state? Probably because those in the midst of a divorce are emotionally rattled and rely on their attorney as the authority figure to protect them.

Attorney Responsibility vs Your Responsibility

Yes, that is the attorney’s responsibility. However, if you were in a sinking ship, would your first instinct be to run to the captain, or put on a life preserver? Self-preservation is critical throughout our lives and especially during divorce. If you are in the midst of a divorce, or even considering it, do your homework. Use the resources of the internet to educate yourself concerning the divorce laws and child support laws of your state. This knowledge will likely help you control your attorney fees and calm your nerves.

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