Divorce and keeping the house is topic I address in every case. This is a tough issue… There are often times many good reasons to keep the house; it allows the children to be in the same school zone, attend the same schools and helps them maintain some sense of “normal” during the emotionally confusing time of divorce. But, there are negatives to keeping the marital home; emotional skeletons linger making moving forward difficult and the cost of maintaining the marital home may be prohibitive. There are always pros and cons of every option. I was talking with a Nashville … Continue reading


Divorce mediation preparation done right will make a significant impact on your settlement.  For example, a divorce client in my Nashville, TN office recently asked me to help her prepare for her mediation.  After reviewing her case, I saw several common financial mistakes. First, her house had not been inspected. If you will be keeping the house, you should have it inspected and deduct the cost for potential repairs from the equity. Second, her equity value did not include deductions for realtor fees of 6% or closing attorney costs of $1,000. Third, the furniture and furnishing had been valued at … Continue reading

Creative Problem Solving During Divorice

Does one size fit all? While this concept is most commonly applied to clothing (these items rarely fit properly), it also used in divorce settlements. Regardless if the settlement is in Nashville, Brentwood, TN or your city and state. Your family is unique and so are your needs. Yes, attorneys tell me a 50 / 50 division of assets is common in Tennessee. However, how the 50 % is achieved does not mean that every asset is divided evenly. Perhaps one spouse needs more cash. Perhaps one spouse wants to keep the frequent flyer miles, the house or a specific … Continue reading

Customize Your Divorce Settlement To Meet the Needs of Your Family

If couples hope to achieve a fair divorce settlement that is acceptable to both spouses, thinking outside the box is essential. I’ve never had the exact same settlement for any of my Nashville clients because each family is unique and so are the solutions to their problems. A settlement that I am currently crafting with a couple is a good example. They own a home. The husband has moved out and the wife and child are living in the marital home. He cannot afford to buy out the wife’s share of the equity in the house. She can’t afford to … Continue reading

Basic Information Regarding A Quit Claim Deed

Many divorces involve selling the marital residence or transfer of it from one spouse to the other. In order to remove a spouse from a property deed post divorce, a quit claim deed must be filed. Your spouse must agree to the transfer. You cannot remove them from the property deed without their consent. The quit claim deed should be mentioned in your Marital Dissolution Agreement. Your divorce attorney can draft the quit claim deed. Make sure that your attorney files this quit claim deed at the courthouse to make it official.

Avoid Divorce Insurance Mistakes

Warning: Will Your Insurance Protection Survive Your Separation and Divorce? Divorce is traumatic enough without the financial complications of an uncovered insurance loss. Attorneys and judges are quick to consider life and health insurance in divorce cases. But frequently other forms of personal insurance do not get much attention. During a divorce judges frequently tell the parties in a divorce not to make any changes to their insurance policies. What the judges are trying to do is stop malicious tampering with insurance policies by the warring spouses. However, legal professionals sometimes overlook common but crucial property and casualty insurance issues. … Continue reading

Alimony Issues

This 7 letter word paralyses men with fear. How much will I have to pay? For how long? It also paralyses women. Can I receive it? How much can I receive? How long will it last? I understand why this is such an emotional issue. However, emotions aside, it really comes down to numbers. Attorneys tell me that TN divorce laws discuss 16 factors that are considered for alimony. However, need and ability to pay are the 2 factors that get the most attention. As the wife and husband, your job is to prove what you need and what you … Continue reading

Buying a House During a Divorce – Renting vs Purchasing Your Next Home

Purchasing a Home During Divorce Process I do not encourage my clients to buy a house, condo or townhouse etc. during the divorce or within the first year of the divorce. The reason for this is simple. Research has shown that divorce is the second most emotionally traumatic event you will experience in your life. The most emotionally traumatic event is death of a child. If you are in the midst of a divorce or recently divorced, you are not thinking straight. You may think you are fine. You are not. You just don’t realize it, yet. Renting vs. Buying … Continue reading

Five Hidden Costs of Keeping the House in the Divorce

As I work with my divorcing clients, I am keenly aware that they are vulnerable. A prime example of their vulnerability is the all too frequent desire to keep the marital home. This is usually the wife and mother who want s to keep continuity for her children. The decision makes sense from an emotional point of view. It rarely makes good economic sense. Here’s why: * Sandy Arons is a Nashville divorce planner.  If you have a question about this blog or a general divorce question, please feel free to contact me.  My contact information is in my profile. … Continue reading